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Sermeo Espresso Sermeo Espresso Sermeo Espresso
Sermeo Espresso... sicilian taste from 1978

About us

Meo Cafè” company was created in 1978 by Nino Rapicavoli and his wife Angela Martorana, who, with their perceverance and determination, began to produce small quantities of coffee at local level. Together from the start, they were able to give a great efficiency print, creating unique blends, well appreciated by theirs first customers. Their motto was that "to produce a good coffee you shouldn't be a big company, but it is important to preserve, in time, a good quality of blends to give the right balance between aroma and flavor."

Thus was born in Nicolosi, on the mountainside of Etna, a small blending with a wood-fire roaster of only 30 kg. When they roasted, inebriated and enriched the village area with a coffee aroma, so that people could say: "They are roasting coffee!"
Taking care directly of every stage of production, from the research and selection of the best qualities of green coffee to the roasting, passing through mixing of individual qualities, to give the product an aromatic taste and, at the same time, a full-bodied one, which left upon palate coffee taste.

Our company is a family one, which has preserved the typical taste of traditional culture, acquiring over the years experience and skill, dealing with the increasingly competitive market which constantly evolves. The company provides selected espresso blends, coffee pods and capsules, coffee beans or ground coffee, to bars and restaurants. Today as yesterday, they concentrate their attenction on technological innovations, which could achieve even better hygienic results, further guarantee of company's reliability and trustworthiness.

"Meo Cafè" still chose evolving changing part of its denomination. Nothing was done by chance. We added the prefix "Ser", to our traditional name, to make our working mission clearer as the generations go by. The commitment of Serafica family in coffee roasting doesn't change, it is intact because of the desire of giving a product with unique flavour.


Via Aldo Moro, s.n.

95030 Nicolosi (CT)

Tel. +39 095 914145

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